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Bathtub Reglazing Service


Surfaces We Refinish

 Standard 5 foot metal bathtub can be reglazed in just a few hours for 425.00 +gst

Fibreglass, or Acrylic  tubs, were designed to last a long time. They are perfect for the re-glazing process because it would be very expensive to take the old tub out and put a new one in. Therefore, a more reasonable option would be restoring the tub so that it looks new again.                      A standard 5 foot tub surround to reglaze is $625.00 +gst

Ceramic Tiles are a very good choice for reglazing. If you would like to do something different with the tiles in your bathroom, consider updating them in this manner. As with bathtubs, it is much cheaper to do so than to completely replace them.

While you can re-glaze a sink as well, that is often not the best option. Look into replacing it, as the cost is not that high.

To get all your questions about the bathtub reglazing process answered, call 250-668-9414.

Application of New Surface

Technology seems to be changing everything these days and coatings are no different. Typically either an acrylic or urethane based coating will be applied with special application equipment. These coatings,  will dry to the touch within minutes. Special-T Bathtub Restoration  uses some of the most advanced urethane, hi-tech coatings available on the market today. These coatings produce such a hard, glossy surface that most people cannot distinguish between a new bathtub and  a refinished surface. Through different techniques and procedures, a refinished surface can be ready to use within 24 hours. All refinished tubs come with a 5 year guarantee.


Sell Clawfoot Bathtub

Clawfoot Bathtubs for Sale

Cast Iron Clawfoot Tubs feel better and stronger, last generations longer and maintain heat better |providing longer soaking times If you plan to mount additional hardware like a Clawfoot Tub Shower directly to your Tub, you may need to go to Cast Iron in order to support the extra weight of these fixtures. The downside is Cast Iron Tubs are heavy indeed, making them sometimes unsuitable for upstairs bathrooms. A Cast Iron tub will definitely make your contractor complain as it takes four people to lift. Cast Iron Tubs are also more expensive than Acrylic, but in recent years prices have come down a bit due to high demand.

We have been reglazing bathtubs in the Nanaimo and Central Vancouver Island area since 2004.


                                                               The process of refinishing a porcelain bathtub involves the following:

  • Preparation of the Work Area We take great care to ensure that any surrounding areas are protected and that paint-type odours from the refinishing process are properly exhausted.
  • Preparation of the Surface We use a multi -step cleaning process to adequately prepare the surface for refinishing. These are industrial strength cleaners designed to remove soap film, body oils, and hard water deposits etc.
  • Any chips or scratches are filled and repaired. Once the surface is again cleaned, a thin coat of our proprietary bonding agent is applied. This bonding agent forms a molecular bond which “welds together” the old surface and the new coating.
  • Next applied is 2 coats of  Europoxy primer and 4 coats of our super gloss paint which is ISO free and VOC compliant.
  • The smell of chemicals is kept to a minimum. The bathroom area is draped off and ventilated.
  • After  the bathtub has been reglazed, a silicone seal is applied to the perimeter of the tub.
  • A focus on cleanup after  means we leave the area clean.

Our Guarantee

5 year Guarantee

Specialty Bathtub Restoration gives you a 5 year warranty on peeling, bubbling, flaking.

 This warranty does not cover damage or negligence on the part of the user.

Please take care of your refinished product by not dropping or throwing things onto it.

Care and cleaning instructions

The best daily cleaner for a reglazed tub is a “Magic Eraser” to clean soap film buildup.

Do not use cleaners like Comet, Vim or any harsh abrasives as they will dull surfaces and will cause your refinished bathtub to lose its shine over time. We recommend using cleansers such as Lysol Tub and Tile Cleaner, Pine Sol or any other liquid cleaner that does not contain acid.

If you use a bathmat, take it up after each use. Do not leave soap bars, shampoo bottles and metal materials on the surface of the tub. A shower caddie does a great job for that.

Don’t use chemical drain cleaners or clog removers, these contain a strong acid and will ruin the finish.

Do not use hair dyes. It will stain the finish of the bathtub.

Bathtub Refinishing is not a very good do-it-yourself (DIY) project. It involves strong chemicals and skills that are beyond that of most homeowners. You can find bathtub refinishing kits on the internet and at most hardware stores, the intension is good to (DIY) but … for the cost of just $395.00. No Mus no Fus. Done in one day and guaranteed for 5 years. You choose!

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Save up tp 75% of the expense of replacing your old bathtub. Special-T = Special products for people who want special results.